Relics - Package Cover - Final copy-post

Montreal World Film Festival

Montreal, QC (August 2017)

Architecture Film Festival Rotterda

Rotterdam, NL(October 2017)

Orlando Film Festival

Orlando, FL (October 2017)

Nominated Best Art Film

Winnipeg Architecture + Design Film Festival

Winnipeg, MB (April 2018)

Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2018)

Open Projects Architecture + Design Film Series

Regina, SK (May 2018)

Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP)

Prague, Czech Republic (May 2018)

Open Projects Architecture + Design Film Series

Saskatoon, SK (June 2018)

Melbourne Design Week Film Series

Melbourne, Australia (March 2019)

BEST OF FEST - Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

Rotterdam, NL (May 2019)

Arkitekturfilm Oslo Norway Architecture Film Festival

Oslo, Norway (March 2020)

Society of Architects - Architecture and Design Film Series

St. Catharines, ON (May 2020)


Documentary Channel – TV Premiere

December 4, 2017

Next screening – July 21, 2020 9:00pm