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  • Feratum Film Festival -­‐ Mexico

  • Sitges Film Festival – Sitges, Spain

  • Toronto After Dark Film Festival – Toronto, Canada

  • Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival -­‐ Bruges, Belgium

  • Paris International Fantastic Film Festival – Paris, France

  • Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival – Ithaca New York

  • HorrorVision Spanish Horror Film Festival – Barcelona, Spain

  • Best of Feratum Film Festival -­‐ Mexico City, Mexico

  • Masacre En Xoco -­‐ Mexico City Cinematheque

  • Festival Grotesco -­‐ Mexico City, Mexico

  • SouthSide Film Festival, Bethlehem, PA

  • Montreal Horror Fest, Montreal, Canada

  • Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival -­‐ South Korea

  • TOHorror Film Festival, Torino, Italy


  • Shudder (US, UK and Canada)

  • Showtime (US)

  • Documentary Channel (CBC, Canada)

  • Super Channel (Canada)

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