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Maiden Dreams

1999, Documentary

MAIDEN DREAMS is the award winning television documentary following the career of a thoroughbred racehorse as he developed from an untrained yearling into a top class champion. The story focuses on a group of dedicated owners who waited 25 years to have a champion horse. Every year they bought one horse with the hopes that one day they might stand in the winner's circle of a top graded race. With the help of their devoted trainer, the owners finally saw their dreams come true, when they competed in Canada's crown jewel of racing, The Queen's Plate. 

Sovereign Awards (WINNER) - Best Television Production

Produced by: Paradox Pictures Inc.
Directed by: Rob Lindsay

More about Maiden Dreams

Follow the career of a Canadian thoroughbred race horse from its early stage of development, to its eventual trip out of the gate in the Queen’s Plate in MAIDEN DREAMS.


What are the odds of following a yearling from its purchase at an auction to running in Canada’s crown jewel, the Queen’s Plate?  The answer is astronomical. But that didn’t sway first-time documentary-makers Rob Lindsay, Rudolf Mammitzsch and Lisa Thomson from taking the gamble.  And the gamble paid off.  


The filmmakers selected a small racing syndicate, Overheath Stable, and began shooting in September 1997, at a local auction where the star, Festive Knight, was purchased for a moderate $50,000.  Trainer, Mike DePaulo had his hands full with the responsibility of getting the horse to the races.  Overheath Stable, a “mom and pop operation” had never experienced much success and were looking for a winner.  The crew followed Festive Knight every step of the way and two years later, the young horse surprised everyone, especially the filmmakers, when he saddled up against the best horses in Canada. 


“When we began filming, we knew we might be following a horse that may not make it to the races,” says co-producer and director Rob Lindsay.  “But we must have had luck on our side because not only did Festive Knight make it to the races, he earned himself a spot along side the best of the best in the Queen’s Plate.”


MAIDEN DREAMS was chosen as CBC’s lead-in to their coverage of the Breeders’ Cup in November 1999. It is being shown again on Saturday, March 25 and is worthy of a second viewing.  It provides an in-depth and poignant look at the sport of kings and gives a true account of what it takes to have a horse compete in the races.  As the upcoming racing season approaches, saddle up and join the family affair known as thoroughbred horse racing through MAIDEN DREAMS.

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