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Relics of the Future

2017, Documentary

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RELICS OF THE FUTURE is a feature documentary featuring internationally renowned photographer Toni Hafkenscheid, as he explores hidden stories behind iconic architectural structures once considered “Visions of the Future” from the 1960s.

Produced by: Rob Lindsay, Kristine Yanoff

Directed by: Rob Lindsay

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Rob Lindsay, Toni Hafkensheid, The Film House

Niagara Society of Architects and The Film House present:

Architecture + Design Film Series featuring Relics of the Future (September 20, 2023)

Rotterdam Architectural Film Festival (Winner):

Best of Fest Documentary

Orlando Film Festival (Winner): Best Art Documentary




Toni Hafkensheid is globally recognized as a pioneer of Tilt-Shift photography. His original method blurs the lines between reality and fiction by using a shallow depth of field to make some parts of an image appear to be soft while other parts are in focus. This technique makes the subject of his photos appear as though they are dioramas. By using Toni’s original style of fantasy-like photography as a story telling technique, we have a unique opportunity to visually represent how the realities of our past can dictate the visions for our future.


Award-winning photographer Toni Hafkenscheid was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After graduating from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1989, Toni won the prestigious Kodak Award presented by The Netherlands Council for the Arts. He then moved to Canada where he was active in the arts community in Toronto and received several awards. In 1996, Toni moved back to Amsterdam to pursue a career as a commercial photographer and to teach photography at the Rietveld Academy. He also began a life long career as a Tilt-Shift photographer. Returning to Canada in 2003, Toni has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Canada, the U.S., and Europe. His worldwide representation includes galleries in Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Germany and Amsterdam. In 2012, Toni’s Tilt-Shift photography was chosen as the poster and program art for the world’s biggest photography festival, Terra Cognita, Noorderlicht International Photofestival in Amsterdam. For more of Toni's Tilt Shift Photography visit:


Niagara Society of Architects: Architecture + Design Film Series, St. Catherine’s, ON 

Arkitekturfilm Oslo Norway Architecture Film Festival 

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, NL

Melbourne Australia Design Week Film Series

Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP), Prague, Czech Republic 

Open Projects Architecture + Design Film Series: Regina and Saskatoon, SK  

Copenhagen Architecture Festival

Winnipeg Architecture + Design Film Festival

Orlando Film Festival  

Montreal World Film Festival

Documentary Channel, CBC TV

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