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Why Horror?

2014, Documentary

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WHY HORROR? is a feature length documentary following horror journalist and super fan Tal

Zimerman as he looks at the psychology of horror around the world in order to understand why we

love to be scared. Tal travels the world and meets with the genre’s leading filmmakers, writers,

historians, psychologists and sociologists to discover how horror looks in different cultures. He goes

beyond the ordinary in order to uncover – WHY HORROR?

Produced by: Don Ferguson Productions
Directed by: Rob Lindsay, Nicolas Kleiman

FEATURING: John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Elijah Wood, Eli Roth, Ben Wheatley, Alex de la Iglesia, Alexander Aja, Takashi Shimizu, Don Coscarelli, Jen & Sylvia Soska, Barbara Crampton, Dave Alexander, Gary Pullin, Colin Geddes, Andrea Subissatti, Simon Barrett, Elvis Mitchell, Alan Jones, Shinji Mikami, and many more

  • BEST DOCUMENTARY PROGRAM (nominee) – Canadian Screen Awards

  • BEST DOCUMENTARY OF YEAR – Rue Morgue Magazine 

  • WINNER AUDIENCE FAVOURITE AWARD – Feratum Film Festival - Mexico 

  • BRONZE MEDAL AUDIENCE AWARD - Toronto After Dark - Canada

  • WINNER BEST POSTER - Toronto After Dark - Canada

  • VOTED TOP 10 Best Horror Doc Every Horror Fan Should Watch – Filmschoolrejects

Select press highlights


“WHY Horror is thought provoking…Rendering homage to all the movies that inspired fans like Zimerman to take up arms years ago in favor of a once slighted genre.”


“Zimerman’s quest is anything but cynical, rather it’s charming and sincere…WHY HORROR? is ambitious, lively and packed with film clips (literally all the good stuff shows up here)…”



“They couldn’t have found a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and endearing fan than Tal Zimerman, who serves are our host and gateway into this sprawling, blood-­‐spattered subject.



“I found Why Horror? to be humorous, insightful and still manage to provoke thought… Why Horror? will affirm fans of horror and enlighten non-­‐fans at the same time.”



“Why Horror? is the perfect documentary to show to those friends and family members of your own who roll their eyes when you insist that yes, your favorite movie of all time really is The Exorcist. Perhaps the next documentary on this subject should be called Why NOT Horror?”



“Thoughtfully articulated, the film’s male voice is quiet as it lets female directors, fans, and writers talk about how both men and women have challenged whether it’s okay for women to be into horror…a call for the industry and the fan community to change and accept women.”

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